STARDOG_HOME '/var/opt/stardog/' is not writeable by the current user


I tried to install Stardog through Docker.
I'd like to mention the followings facts:

  • when I launch for the first time the container with the volume indication ~/stardog-home/:/var/opt/stardog/, the folder ~/stardog-home is created on the host machine as a property of root
  • then the container, trying to access this folder with the user 'stardog' fails.
  • this folder has then to get the correct rights rwx for others (chmod 777 ~/stardog-home) in order to be accessed by the container
  • after this change and relaunching the container, it tells that a valid license is required
  • putting the license in the folder allows to finish the process and Stardog launches

May be this could be precised in your documentation ?

Best regards,

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