Issues while rendering Sparql queries in Cytoscape

Hi Team,

We are using cytoscape to view results of sparql queries. We are using a plugin named semscape which is available in cytoscape. A describe query is giving different outputs in stardog studio and Cytoscape(Semscape plugin).
Below is the describe query for your reference.
The first image is the output we got in cytoscape and second image is the output we got in Stardog studio.
Please help us resolve this issue.!

result_semscape result_stardog

Can you include a larger screen capture of the Studio output? I can't read the labels. I'm not familiar with semscape but my initial guess would be that semscape has chosen not to display some selected triples so that it doesn't clutter the output but that's just a guess at this point.


If I load the data and query using cytoscape/semscape, I can actually see that the other edges are being returned by Stardog:

You can see from the table that rdfs:label, rdf:type, and are successfully loaded, but the visualization seems to be hiding DatatypeProperties, instead only showing edges between 2 nodes. The semscape documentation seems...lacking as to how you might change that.

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