M1 MacOS: License Version Incompatibility

MacBook Pro 13-inch, M1, 2020 (MacOS 12.2.1)
Java 11.0.14 2022-01-18 LTS (Running on Rosetta 2)
Stardog 7.9.0

I just downloaded the personal license found here: Get Started with Stardog - Get Started Page | Stardog

After pasting the license into the directory ./stardog-7.9.0, I get the following error message when running ./bin/stardog-admin server start:

The license is for version 7.8.*, the current version of Stardog is 7.9.0. To request a new license, please visit https://www.stardog.com/get-started/ and request a new license key.


Assuming that your $STARDOG_HOME directory is a different directory, that's where you would need to place your license file. It appears that your 7.9.0 install is finding an older license.

Thank you, I just realized my $STARDOG_HOME was pointing to an older version of Stardog (7.8.2).