How to get stardog 7.0.2 license key

I download the latest wget stardog file today. I got stardog 7.0.2 snapshot. I run stardog-admin license request --force. The error show that it is 7.0.1 license not 7.0.2. I also register with student's email. So how can I get 7.0.2 license and I would better if it is valid for 1 year.

I'm seeing the same thing. It's looks like a snapshot from yesterday was accidentally released. I'm sure it will be fixed up shortly and then you can download the correct version.

Hey guys,

Zachary was right, and I have now fixed the issue. Try downloading again. Sorry for the hassle!

Confirmed. Everything looks good now.

I am not able to migrate to the latest version of stardog 7.0.2.
It gives me an error
"""An unexpected error occurred.
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /opt/stardog-7.0.2/lib/ /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.18' not found (required by /opt/stardog-7.0.2/lib/ """
while starting the stardog-admin."""

Did you update STARDOG_HOME or your STARDOG environment variable? And if you did are they active in the shell you're running the upgrade from?

I am trying to download elasticsearch plugin for Stardog version 7.0.2.
Please let me know if I need to download the elasticsearch separately. If yes please let me know how to connect stardog with elasticsearch.

Are you still having a problem with the license key or is that resolved?

It's not so much a plugin as it's the elasticsearch driver. You'll need to have ES installed and running to connect to it from Stardog but the only thing required on the Stardog side is installing those drivers.

The problem with the license key is resolved.

I still have the issue with the Docker version of Stardog (stardog/stardog:latest).

To reiterate your problem, you’re trying to use elastic search in a virtual graph while running Stardog in a docker container. Is that correct?

You’ll either need to copy the drivers into the running container or you will need to mount a volume that is referenced by the environment variable sTARDOG_EXT. I’m not sure if the container is already setting that or not so I’m not sure which directory that might be. I’ll check on that in a bit and get back to you.

It's OK, I fixed this issue. I downloaded the latest (7.0.2) version for local installation on windows and retrieved a 7.0.2 license, then copied that to the folder that I use as a mounting volume for the docker version of Stardog. So now that dockerized version of Stardog no longer complains about the license. It is up to date. However neither the local nor the dockerized Stardog works for me on windows, but I'll post a new thread for that on this forum.

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