Making Changes to Classes

in Stardog, Once I have loaded classes and added their data properties, can i alter the definition of the class i.e add or remove data Properties? For example, if I create a "Person" class, I have added 2 data properties hasName, hasTitle. now i want to remove hasTitle and add hasDesignation.

how do i do this?

thank you

The "shape" of data in RDF is not fixed. If you have some instances of Person with hasTitle property values, you can add hasDesignation property values in addition to that. You can use SPARQL update to DELETE+INSERT if you wish to replace hasTitle with hasDesignation. If you are modeling data with RDFS, bear in mind that this is only relevant for reasoning and constraints. If you want to share more about what you wish the end result to be with the change, we can provide further recommendation.


In fact, this is one of the beautiful things about RDF graphs - you don't have to be so rigid in how you create your class instances compared to relational databases. I highly recommend this 11-minute video from the author of Learning SPARQL. It was a great help to me in wrapping my brain around triples and how they relate to tables.

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Thank you Jess. I am new to stardog. I have worked in relational databases for many years. I want the ability to define classes, data attributes, relational attributes between classes etc., and be able to see what is the stardog database visually to get a picture of my schema. Just like if I can query data dictionary catalog tables in relational and see what tables, columns etc. are created. Just like alter statement in relational, I want to be able to change the data type of a property or drop a property ?
what is the best modeling tool for RDF schema? is it Protegy or any other choice?

At this point, I am just trying to do a POC with Stardog, but i have work requirements to create a Stardog app.

Thank you

Thank you Ian. I watched the video, it is very informative.

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