Mapping (CSV input)

Hi, I am having difficulties understanding how the mappings feature works in Designer.
I have a very simple model:

The Mapping screen in Designer looks like this;

When I view one of the (top) Categories:

You can see the subcategories include the "Cosmetic_Category" string.
It seems like I also need to specify that the column called "Subcategory" are also of type "Cosmetic Category" ?

Any help welcome :slight_smile:

Cheers - Renato

Hi Renato,
Yes, that's correct that you'd need an additional mapping from your table to the Cosmetic Category node class, to indicate that SubCategory is also a Primary Identifier. We don't yet support parallel mappings between a data source and the same node class.

You should be able to achieve this by uploading the category CSV twice, and map the copy to Cosmetic Category with SubCategory as the primary identifier and SubCategoryLabel as the label. Alternatively, you could modify your CSV to look more like:

| Category | CategoryLabel | SubCategory |
| skin     | Skin          | cream       |
| skin     | Skin          | oil         |
| ...      |               |             |
| cream    | Cream         |             |
| oil      | Oil           |             |

Great...many Thanks
(some chars to bypass 20 :slight_smile: