Troubleshooting Query Issue in Workflow Attachment

Hi there,

Could someone please help me quickly check my issue? I've attached the workflow below with three pictures. I'm encountering a problem where running my query isn't yielding any results. I'm unsure whether the identifier and CSV column are correct. Specifically, I'm uncertain if the identifier is properly linked with the designer. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Ming,

I highly recommend taking our designer training as it will walk through CSV mappings, (Designer specific training). Additionally we have a live training starting in about an hour specifically on Designer.

It's hard to know for sure how your files are connected but I do not see an obvious primary key-foreign key pair in either of the files you shared. You need a row of data that connects your two files.

You'll see in the training we discuss the need for relationships to reference both a primary id and target or source id. Your mappings seem to reference the same input columns for both the primary id and target ids, so your instance data is only mapped to itself.

For the made purchase relationship Customer is linked to Purchases through the Purchases file, using id as the primary identifier for Purchase and cid as the source id for Customer.

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Hi Ming,

As Laura mentioned, we have an instructor-led designer training starting in 30 mins. You can enroll in the session here: Loading. Or you can take the e-learning version here: Loading.