Unable to create mappings in the Getting Started Tutorial

I have been trying to go through the tutorials located at https://docs.stardog.com/getting-started-series/getting-started-3. Things are going ok and everything looks right until I get to step 4 "Mapping relationships". In that section, it states that I should select the "Purchases - Purchases" mapping in the graphical view and then switch to the "Mapping" tab to set the source and the primary source identifier. I follow the instructions but nothing changes. I noticed that the included gifs in the tutorial include a set of radio buttons on top of the identifier field which asks you if you want to create a new mapping or use the "existing mapping" with the create new mapping selected by default. Those radio buttons do not appear in my space. Is the tutorial out of sync with a version change of the designer? I have gone through things several times now and always run into this issue.

What am I doing wrong here? Thanks for any help.

Hi Justace,

You're right that the GIF is a little out of date and that the radio buttons aren't there any longer. The tutorial should still work pretty much the same though. I'm not quite following when you say "nothing changes". Do you mean:

  1. You see "No mapping selected" when you switch to the Mapping tab?
  2. The arrow for the mapping isn't showing in Model View up after you fill out all the mappings?
  3. Something else?

Can you also send a screenshot(s) showing the behavior you're getting? That'll help me understand your issue better.