Metadata about a named graph - Creation Date

I am looking for a way to recognize some metadata about the named graphs we have in our database. I am specifically looking for the Creation Date of the graph.
Is there any specific java code snippet or stardog/stardog-admin command which can help here?

I don't think that information is recorded. You'd need to include that information yourself when you first add data to the named graphs. Named graphs aren't really created or deleted so much as they exist because there's something in them. You might be able to get that information using VCS but I will not be as simple as just an api call.

Is there a way to get the same information for a Virtual Graph?

Less likely but you might be able to get it from the logs.

Ok, thanks for the help.

You might be able to write a custom transaction listener that looks for the first time you write to the graph and add some metadata about creation time. There should be an example in the stardog stardog-examples repo.

Thanks a lot, we will explore this option.

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