Not able to create stored functions via API

I´m trying to create stored functions via API following the documentation, API Reference | ReDoc, and I got the message:

"message": "Only super users can add stored functions",
"code": "SEAOE2"

When I was trying to change password to admin user from Studio, I have another message
"The password for admin could not be updated..."

is there an alternative to create stored functions? because is not possible to do it from Studio nor API,
or is it possible to prove additional explicit permissions to create stored functions (from Studio) to avoid super user API limit?

Only the admin user or another superuser can change the password for the admin user

Unfortunately "superuser" is a flag that is set on the user at creation time, so there's no set of permissions that can be granted after the fact that will set it. The admin user can create an additional superuser via the CLI by running stardog-admin user add --superuser newUser

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I tried CLI command, ... but ... "Superuser privileges required for this operation"