Stardog 5.0 - New User in browser not working correctly

It is not possible to create a new user that is not a "superuser" via the browser UI.

Steps to recreate -

  1. Login as Admin
  2. Go to Security/Users
    3 Click on New User
    4 Enter details but don't change the "is superuser" Press Save
    You get this error back -
    "Error creating user: person
    {"message": "'username','superuser',and 'password' are all required fields."}

Network traffic indicates that the "superuser" value (in this case "false" ) is not being passed to the server

If superuser is set to "true" then this is passed to the server -

(I note also that the password value is sent in plain-text as well ....)

Also, if you try to delete a user you get this error -

"There was an error deleting the user: undefined"

except the user is actually deleted.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the report. I have created a ticket for this issue (both of them, actually) and they will be addressed for the next release. In the meantime, you can always create/delete users via the CLI.

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