Obfuscation config documentation

I've been using stardog data obfuscate today to dump obfuscated data from a remote db and could not get the --config option to work for a long time... until I discovered that it will work when the config file is specified by a full path that must exist on the server side. I believe this requirement should be documented in the man page.

Hi Conrad,

Thanks for the suggestion. This command corresponds to the obfuscated() method in the SNARL API. We'll add a note to the CLI docs about this requirement.


Great; I'm sure CLI users will appreciate it.

Hi Conrad,

Upon further investigation we concluded that it was a mistake to require the config file to be on the server-side. This is especially problematic in the cluster when the obfuscation might be done by any of the servers in the cluster but even in single-server setting users don't always have access to the server directly. So we are treating this as a bug and changing the API and the CLI to work with config files that exist on the client-side. The fix will be in the next week's release.