Server side file confusion

I ran into something a little confusing and something else that might be a bug.

There are two slightly different flags that deal with sending a file vs sending a path when adding data. There's stardog-admin db create --copy-server-side and then there's stardog data add --server-side. I believe they're opposites of each other since the two commands have opposite defaults but it's not immediately clear that copy-server-side is opposite of server-side. Not a big deal but easy to confuse.

The stardog-admin --copy-server-side works as expected. The problem I'm seeing is that I get the same server side error with and with or without the --server-side argument.

java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: /home/xxx/Downloads/constructEmplHierarchy_sparql_results.ttl

It's as though it's defaulting to --server-side and ignoring that the flag isn't there.

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