Pystardog with certs and without certs failing

@stephen - re-raising this very painful subject Pystardog - how to specify verify=False

I have also tried with certs but things are confusing - browser redirects stardog endpoint url to - why is that?

Please realize not everyone develops from personal laptops. Can we keep things simple like they used to be?

Hi Radu,

It turns out there is actually a way to pass that option in, however I do need to specify that even the documentation for requests says that it shouldn't really be used outside of the most trivial of setups.

That said, you can pass a requests.Session into your pystardog connection details:

import requests

s = requests.Session()
s.verify = False

conn_details = {
  endpoint = 'http://myserver:5820',
  username = 'admin',
  password = 'secret',
  session = s

with stardog.Connection('db', **conn_details) as conn:
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Great to hear that - it worked - pystardog is useful now :slight_smile:

Now let's raise the bar a bit. Let's say I have a valid certificate and would like to use it. How would I use it?

This package helps solve such challenges certifi · PyPI But how do I use it along with pystardog.