Recommened way of stopping Stardog running in a docker container

We start Stardog with docker like this:

docker run --name stardog7 --restart always -d -v /var/opt/stardog7:/var/opt/stardog -v /opt/stardog7/server/ext:/opt/stardog/server/ext -p 5806:5806 -p 5827:5820 -e STARDOG_SERVER_JAVA_ARGS="-Xmx24g -Xms24g -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=64g

What is the recommened way of stopping Stardog running in a docker container? Is it sufficient to run

docker stop stardog7; docker rm stardog7

or should we run stardog-admin in the container to stop stardog before stopping the container? It seems like we sometimes loose some configuration data when we just stop and remove the container.

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Stardog should handle the SIGTERM sent by docker upon the stop command being issued. By default, Docker will send a SIGKILL after 10 seconds. To avoid a potential hard shutdown, you can use -t to increase the number of seconds that Docker waits after the SIGTERM. The safest solution, is as you mentioned, running stardog-admin shutdown in the container first before stopping the underlying container.

I am curious as to the configuration loss you mentioned and if that is a config change just before shutdown, or any other circumstances that caused a config loss.

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