How to pass parameters to a Stardog docker container?

Hello there,

Thanks for the great project. I am trying to use Stardog docker container, but having a hard time configure Stardog through a command line. Is there any reference doc for using Docker image? Basically, something corresponding to

For example, I want to disable it when I start a container.

Many thanks!

We're looking into ways to make this a little nicer, but you can pass arguments to server start by being very explicit in your docker run command:

docker run -v $STARDOG_HOME:/var/opt/stardog -p 5820:5820 \
--entrypoint /opt/stardog/bin/stardog-admin stardog/stardog \
server start --foreground --port 5820 --home /var/opt/stardog [..MORE ARGS HERE]

Hi Stephen, thanks for the information. I will try it out and come back if there is any problem.

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