Connecting Stardog Studio client to a Running Stardog Server

Hi there - I am very new to Stardog and very new to Docker. I have a Windows machine and recently downloaded the free 30-day license through Docker Toolbox.

These are the steps I followed with Docker using the Docker Quickstart Terminal from Docker Toolbox:

docker pull stardog/stardog-studio:current docker run --name=stardog-studio -p 8888:80 -d stardog/stardog-studio:current
$ docker start stardog-studio

How can I connect to the Studio using the 8888 port?

Thank you and apologizes for the lack of knowledge with Docker!
I have been following the Manual but am having some troubles.


If you're running the Stardog Studio image via that docker run command, you should be able to point a web browser to http://localhost:8888 and have the in-browser Studio show up.

If you're looking to run a Stardog server to connect Studio to, you'll need to docker run a separate container with the stardog/stardog image as described in our docs.

Hi Stephen,

Appreciate the response. I followed the same 3 commands that I had in my first post.

When running the docker run command, I am pointing the docker container to the port 8888. However, when I open http://localhost:8888 in my web browser it says "Can't reach this page".

Any suggestions on how to access to in-browser Studio? I checked to see which ports were open on my machine by entering the command $ netstat -a

Not sure what the problem would be? Thank you for your help!!
Jen Moutenot

Hi Jen,

Do you have a firewall or some other corporate policy blocking access to port 8888, by any chance?

If you try going to our web-based studio instance (, do you have better luck?

run stardog-server a separate container

  1. docker run -it -v ~/stardog-home/:/var/opt/stardog -p 5820:5820 stardog/stardog
  2. docker run --name=stardog-studio -p 8888:80 -d stardog/stardog-studio:current

or download app.
if you get Desktop App version it can update automatically

or a online version you can connect to localhost

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