Recover/Replace Lost Admin Password

I have a lab installation of Stardog, but no longer have the password to the Admin user. No other users were configured. I’ve tried removing the Stardog installation, and then reinstalling, but the admin/admin user/password combo was not restored. What options do I have to recover/replace the admin password?

If you removed everything from your installation and everything under $STARDOG_HOME you should be back to the default. (make sure you get the system directory in $STARDOG_HOME) There is a possibility that your browser is caching something or maybe auto populating the user/password. Have you tried from the CLI? You said it’s in a lab installation, are you sure you removed it from the machine you thought you did? I’ve been known to scratch my head thinking, “Why does everything I do seem to do nothing?” only to realize I ssh’ed onto the wrong machine. Doh!

Just a quick followup, I suppose it would be nice if there was a way to reset the admin password without blowing everything away. I’ve never done that before so I’m just guessing here but you might be able to restart stardog with security disabled stardog-admin server start --disable-security and then reset the password with stardog-admin user passwd --username admin

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Your advice did the trick. I’d emptied the directory, but maybe not the browser cache. Everything is good. Thanks!

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