Had to clean up an install and screwed up passwords

We can still get to admin/admin but can't set up a new account.

We get the error:
stardog-admin user add -u admin -p admin -s xyz
New password for user xyz:
Confirm new password for user xyz:
Commit against RDF index failed

How do we reset to a totally clean environment? What can we delete or reset?
Do you use the Linux password file?


If you’re looking to wipe the slate completely clean you can delete everything from STARDOG_HOME except the license file. If you don’t have a separate database dir just unzip the distribution to restore the install.

There may be various other files like stardog.properties that you may want to back up as well

I’m assuming you’re not using Kerberos or LDAP.

Not right now. And just for posterity ... we rebooted the Centos VM and that seemed to fix the index problem.


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