Results are shown as blurry blobs in results table

(Mathew Divine) #1

Dear all, I just see blobs for results instead of text. This is after Stardog Studio automatically updated after quitting (I think this itself is not a feature-- I would like to be in control of updating).

I would be grateful for any help you can offer. I really like using Stardog Studio!



(Jason Rogers) #2

Thanks for this report. I've tried reproducing it with the latest update (v1.0.2) and can't do so. The "blobs" you're seeing are the table's "loading" state. Is it possible that something has gone wrong on the server side? (You might check $STARDOG_HOME/stardog.log, if you have access to that). Also, can you provide the full query?


(Mathew Divine) #3

Hi Jason,

Thanks for reply. It has gone away by itself.