Scrolling the table of SPARQL query results

I think it would be convenient to be able to scroll horizontally the table showing the results of the SPARQL query.

Hi Bernard,

Could you please share a screenshot of what the results look like for you now? Are you able to double click between the column headers with the (<--> arrow) to expand to the full size? When I run my Studio (1.8.0 on a Mac) I do get horizontal scroll with not a lot of "room"" to move, but it gets larger if I expand the columns, so I wonder if it's a version/platform.

Simon (Stardog PM)

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your message.
Please find attached the screen capture. I run also version 1.8.0 on Mac.

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OK I understand now !
The scrolling mechanism appears once I've extended the dimension of the
A suggestion: it would be nice to initialize the width of the columns
based on the variables' names, or provide this feature based on a
Preference ?

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Great, glad that tracks with you and you have a workaround for now! And your enhancement makes sense, I've filed an enhancement and we will keep this under consideration. Please keep the feedback coming, we love to hear it!