Set 'docs.opennlp.models.path' using Java API

How do I set the ‘docs.opennlp.models.path’ option when creating a new database using Java API (Stardog v. 5.2.2)

Specifically, I’m trying to do the following in Java.

$ stardog-admin db create -o search.enabled=true docs.opennlp.models.path=/data/stardog/opennlp -n movies movies.trig

Hi Jane,

Assuming you have an AdminConnection you need to set the option value. Something like this:

AdminConnection a;
a.newDatabase("asd").set(StardocsOptions.DOCS_OPENNLP_MODELS_PATH, "/path/to/models");

It looks like this option isn’t present in the Javadoc. We’ll get it added. Let us know if you have any further questions.


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