SL Reasoning issue with objectPropertyRange

According to my log, it seems the Range in my ontology is not a valid SL Axiom, even though ObjectPropertyRanges are accepted in OWL EL, QL, and RL. This is causing issues with SL reasoning, like taking 20 minutes for a reasoning query to complete or not returning the proper results.

The "Not a valid SL Axiom" warnings are on lines 22066 - 22070 in the log.

I've attached my ontology and log file to help with the troubleshooting.
stardog.log (3.4 MB)
Person Ont Example.ttl (22.4 KB)

The problem isn't the object property range but the union. If you look in the OWL 2 profiles spec, (QL or RL), you see:

ObjectPropertyRange := 'ObjectPropertyRange' '(' axiomAnnotations ObjectPropertyExpression superClassExpression ')'


superClassExpression :=
Class other than owl:Thing |
superObjectIntersectionOf | superComplementOf |
superObjectAllValuesFrom | ObjectHasValue | superObjectMaxCardinality |
DataAllValuesFrom | DataHasValue | superDataMaxCardinality

Note that union is not allowed here. All of the warnings are relating to this.


Thanks for the help! I can't believe I missed that.

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