Stardog Cluster with BigIP F5 as Loadbalancer

Hey guys,

we are installing a 3 Node Stardog Cluster and we are planning to use our BigIP F5 as loadbalancer in front of the cluster.
Now we are able to connect to the clusternodes when bypassing the Loadbalancer but when we try to connect to the cluster via the F5, we are unable to authenticate and see the following error in the stardog.log:
ERROR 2022-07-18 16:04:19,842 [XNIO-1 task-2] Header token API authorization failed: Authentication failed for account 'bearer'

I believe that we need some special settings on the loadbalancer but don't know which and documentation on using Stardog with any other loadbalancer than HAProxy is unavailable.
Can anyone help me out here?

Hi Jack,

Are you certain that those messages are coming from the load balancer? We ask because A) we generally see that message coming from Stardog Studio, and B) the http endpoints that the load balancer should use wouldn't require authorization. Might you be able to provide the whole stardog.log from each node?