Stardog Docker Image Support for arm64 MacOS

I have recently upgraded my laptop to a MacBook Pro, which has the Apple M2 Max chip. On my previous machine, when running a bash script to download data from elasticsearch and index the data with stardog through docker, the process would take about 30-40 min. However now, I am getting a warning in docker desktop that the image may have poor performance or fail, highlighting AMD64. I've reduced my download_batch_size from 500 to 10 and index_batch_size from 100 to 10, and after 3 days, I'm still processing the data, which on my old machine, with the original number, ran in 30-40 min.
I looked for another container for stardog/stardog, however all of them only support linux/amd64. Docker

When will there be full support for arm64, given this is going to be the standard for all Macs going forward?