Stardog Entitlement / Permissions

Is there any documentation on how one can apply various levels of entitlement or permissioning across data in SD.
For example, can I restrict certain data based on certain roles similar to a relational database where one may be have read/write/update at row/column/table level.


Indeed it does, Stardog supports supports supplying security restrictions at the graph level.

But once a user has access to database, via Stardog Studio for example, are they able able to query any data. Is it possible to lock at triple or higher level? Or mask certain reads?

There's no triple-level security at the moment. As Zach pointed out, there's named graph level security, i.e. you can hide certain named graphs from certain users (and configure read and write permissions separately). The same database can contain multiple named graphs so some users may not be able to see some of them, i.e. some parts of your data.


In addition to what @pavel said I would add that you can have as few as a single triple in a named graph.

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