Stardog Free license gives access to Stardog Enterprise

I'm attempting to evaluate Stardog Free. I'm noticing this message when I start Stardog:

This copy of Stardog is licensed to <redacted>
This is a Enterprise license
This license will expire in 364 days on Sat Jul 16 16:45:07 UTC 2022

This printout also occurred with a different Stardog Free license. Is this a false printout? Or the Stardog Free license give us access to the Enterprise version?

Hey, just pinging here again so we can get confirmation.

The "Enterprise" label here is left over from older times when we offered Enterprise, Developer, and Community licenses. So it is technically correct, but does not grant you the same things as Stardog Enterprise as mentioned in Pricing | Stardog. I agree this is confusing, so we'll look into ways to make that less so