Stardog Studio installation

Where can I download Stardog studio for Windows? I am running Stardog server on dockers and have stardog studio web version also running on docker, but problem is I cannot open tutorial files in Web version of Stardog studio.

Ok I found this:
" On May 1, 2021 Stardog will be ending the service life for the downloadable Stardog Studio and transitioning Studio to an exclusively in-browser application. Click here for more information."

So now the question is : how to open tutorial files in Web version of Stardog studio?

Hi Jitesh,

I'm not sure I totally understand what you are trying to do (which "tutorial files" are you trying to load?), but I can say at least two things that should help you out:

  1. Stardog Studio (both the web version and the desktop version) has built-in SPARQL tutorials that will autoload data for you and then let you experiment and learn using inline SPARQL editors. If you click the icon in the sidebar of Studio that resembles an open book, and that has the tooltip "Tutorials" when you hover the mouse over it, the tutorials should load and you should be able to get started.
  2. If you would prefer to load files into the web version of Studio, all you need to do is drag the file into the open editor window in the web browser. The file will then load there.

We are in the process of enhancing the filesystem capabilities of the web version of Studio, so be on the look-out for additional tools soon. The above should be sufficient to get you going, though (I hope)!


Thanks Jason for your comments!

So basically I want to use all files from this project GitHub - stardog-union/stardog-tutorials: Data files for the Stardog tutorials in Stardog Studio. It will be hard to open approx. 100 files using drag drop method as you suggested. Also I am not sure if this possible (I will test it soon). So I need a better way to open all these files in Stardog studio so that I can proceed further with my learnings and tests (I hope this feature was available with Stardog studio desktop version because I saw it in demo Trainings - Reasoning with RDF Graphs and Ontologies | Stardog ).

It seems like you might be thinking of Stardog Studio as having a general purpose file explorer where you might open a root folder and be able to drill into it. There shouldn't be hundreds of data files in the stardog tutorials repo. If you did have a large under of files to load the easiest way would be to use the CLI.

Each folder has a self contained example including maybe one or two data files and some accompanying queries or mappings. If there are a number of data files they are zipped and can be loaded directly from the compressed file. You you by any chance uncompressing these files before loading?

Seems current Stardog studio version hasn't a clean capability to load multiple files. It should be nice if Stardog studio has such feature. I also wondering now, how different persons in same team share their code while working with Stardog?

I saw in above comments that CLI can be used for multiple files however it will be great if Stardog has some documentation around it, how to do it.