Stardog user for linux install - is it needed?

I have been told that stardog service runs as the stardog user and that stardog user is created by the installation.

However looking at this page I can not find any references to stardog user on this page Linux Installation | Stardog Documentation 7.4.5

So do I need stardog user for running stardog as a service?


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Hello Radu,

If you are using Stardog free (the community edition), you might want to upgrade to the current version - 8.1 - and get the benefit of the new features and improvements. The default user for a free standalone version is admin, with password admin.


Thanks for your reply. I am not running free edition. I am running latest Stardog on premise installed on Linux. It maybe that instructions are not complete. So I am still awaiting for a Stardog engineer to chime in.


When you install Stardog via deb/rpm, the stardog user is created as a part of that process. If you look in your /etc/passwd file you should see an entry for this user:


This is the user as which the stardog process runs, so it will need to be the owner of /var/opt/stardog or at least have read/write permissions on it. If you hadn't previously created that directory to use as the home directory, it will also have been created during the install with the proper permissions.

I should add that if you wish to NOT have a stardog user, you can manually edit the /etc/systemd/system/stardog.service file and change the user/group that runs it.

@stephen that helps. I would rather NOT run it either under:

  • a different user or
  • sudo

I would rather:

  • run it as stardog user
  • systermctl - in case server restarts i am not called while i am on vacation :wink:

So my outstanding question is:

  • After linux install - do I need to to first su stardog then run $ systemctl start stardog?

No, you can run the systemctl command with any user provided it has the correct permissions to do so. As defined in /etc/systemd/system/stardog.service, the server start command will be run as the stardog user.