Stardog with gremlin console

Hi Team,

I am using gremlin console for the first time. I followed the steps mentioned in :
I downloaded apache-tinkerpop-gremlin-console-3.3.2 and added stardog-gremlin in ext folder.
I started gremlin console but still not able to see stardog plugin. Am I missing on something?

Thank you!
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Stardog 5.2.3 currently supports tinkerpop 3.0.2-incubating. Give that version a try

Right, we don’t support latest versions of TinkerPop API.

But we also do not encourage use of TinkerPop API with Stardog at this point. Out support of TinkerPop is somewhat obsolete and is known to be considerably less efficient than other Stardog APIs. We don’t deprecate our support of TinkerPop because we can improve things in the future, but for now you’re better off with SPARQL.


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