There is a JDBC connector to Microsoft Access files (UCanAccess). Can it be used with Stardog?

UCanAccess ( claims to provide JDBC access to Microsoft Access files uner Linux. Is it possible to use it with Stardog? How?

This looks promising. You can create a virtual graph in the typical fashion using that driver. In the virtual graph properties file, you should set sql.dialect=MSSQL to get the proper identifier quoting (brackets). Let us know how it turns out.


Stardog Studio doesn't offer MSSQL

Try setting the database to "Generic SQL" and filling in the JDBC information. Then expand "other options" and set the property sql.dialect to MSSQL manually.

I gave it a try and it appears to work although I haven't really poked around too much. A couple of things I came across to help you out.

You need to include all the jars in the UCanAccess/lib directory. There is a dependency conflict with the jackcess jar. Stardog transitively includes jackcess 2.1.12 because of a dependcy on tika but UCanAccess depends on jackcess 3.0.1. I got around it for now but putting that jar into the $STARDOG/server/ext directory which will load before the one Stardog one. It will probably mess up some of the BITES stuff that relies on tika so it's not a long term solution. For that you'll need to build a custom fatjar but it should get you going for now to test out.

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