While creating Virtual graph we are facing following issue:

[500] 000012: java.sql.SQLException: Unable to load class: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver from ClassLoader:sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader@5b37e0d2;ClassLoader:java.net.URLClassLoader@54731f5b

It looks like Stardog can’t find the MySQL jdbc driver. Was it installed? If it was can you go over the steps you took to install it?

I have installed the JDBC drivers with mySQL workbench installation

Created env STARDOG_EXT and put the jdbc jar at that location

Did you restart Stardog?

Yes, I did restart the Stardog server, but every time I start the server it says "A valid license was not found in /var/opt/stardog" and I need to fetch a new license every time.
I have created env for STARDOG_HOME and put "stardog-license-key.bin" there. still, it is not working.

Sounds like we have a more immediate problem. How did you install Stardog? looking at your path /var/opt/stardog I would guess either via apt or rpm.

When you say, "I...put stardog-license-key.bin there" where is this license coming from?

I got the license using "stardog-admin request license" command.

I’m not sure how the license ended up somewhere where you had to move it to STARDOG_HOME. After requesting a license it should be where it needs to be.

There may be something wrong with how you’re setting STARDOG_HOME. I’d double check that and make sure it’s exported.

Can you just tell me the installation process briefly so that i can cross check because i did exactly as per the guidelines.
And also the directory structure.

What operating system are you on and what method did you use to install it? Windows, Linux, Docker/ zip, deb, rpm

Windows operating system using Docker

It would be more helpful if you were to include a list of commands that you ran. Repeating what's in the docs doesn't provide any new information. The commands should include the license request which isn't included in the docs.

i am using "docker run -it -v ~/stardog-home/:/var/opt/stardog -p 5820:5820 stardog/stardog" to start the stardog server as the "stardog-admin server start" command is giving some java error.

What exact command is giving the java error and can you include that error? Are you trying to run that command under docker or did you also install Stardog natively in Winodws? Can you please expand upon what exactly you did when you say you, "have created env for STARDOG_HOME and put "stardog-license-key.bin" there."

"stardog-admin server start" this command I tried to run from the bin and it is giving "Native Library version does not match the version set by Java. It should be < 7.3.1>, but is <7.2.1-SNAPSHOT-20200320>. Stardog cannot run in this environment" this error.

By running this command "docker run -it -v ~/stardog-home/:/var/opt/stardog -p 5820:5820 stardog/stardog" I was able to fetch the license but could not locate the "stardog-license-key.bin".
so for that I used "stardog-admin request license" command. and I got the license key at STARDOG_HOME.

I think we've arrived at our final destination. The native library version mismatch is a known problem with the 7.3.1 release on windows. Can you try the 7.3.2 release?

Thanks for the information.

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