Unable to execute stardog example

I tried to execute Stardog example from https://github.com/stardog-union/stardog-examples.
I was able to build it but unable to execute.

I changed my gradle version to 3.4.1 but still error.
any tips?

Can you execute the example using the -i option to Gradle? This will show the exception thrown by the program.

When I build it it said "
:compileJava NO-SOURCE
:examples:compileJava NO-SOURCE

Here is what I did:
I downloaded the code, I use cd command to go to directory of example.
I used " gradle compileJava" command

it said build successful.
But why no source!

It looks like there was a minor mistake in the README file. I’ve corrected it. The command to execute the example is:

gradle execute -PmainClass=com.complexible.stardog.examples.api.ICVExample

Hope this helps.

Still error.

Can you run with the -i flag so it prints more info about the error?

error.log (59.3 KB)
Please find attached log file for -i swich

It appears that this is a problem specific to Gradle and windows 10. We will have to investigate further as the Gradle folks don’t seem to have a solution.

Thanks for reply, I think this is a problem with gredle itself.
Do to the versioning some statements are obsolete.
Which version of grade is tested so I can use the very exact one

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