Unable to run example with gredale

Anybody was able to successfully run https://github.com/stardog-union/stardog-examples?
Please tell me the version of your gredale so I can do the same,
I am getting error.

As mentioned in your other thread about this issue, this seems to be a problem with ALL versions of Gradle in windows 10. There are some discussion threads here and here on gradle.org with some potential workarounds, and it doesn’t seem like there is an actual fix in Gradle core as of yet, as evidenced by the open issues on their Github (like this one and this one).

So if I use win7 I can run it?

I assume it’s all versions of windows. I would try and see if implementing any of the workarounds the gradle folks provide helps out.

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If you really need to get going and this a roadblock you can always convert it over to maven. The build is really basic and it shouldn’t be too difficult. Another possibility is you could install a Linux VM but I don’t know how comfortable you are with working with Linux.

I did what ever you told me.
I used Win7 instead of Win 10 and I still have the same problem
I used couple of diffrent versions for Gradle.
Can anybody please help me.
Just tell me how you run it ,which version?
please help I need it and it is 1 onth.
no progress yet

Can you provide some background and/or a reference to a previous thread?


The previous thread(s) can be found here, and really no new information is available. This is a problem specific to gradle and windows, and any workarounds are being worked on by the Gradle folks in the threads previously linked. I do not know if or when a workaround on our end is feasible.

After tons of research I finally found out what is the problem.
Because gradle download the dependency from maven repository(and I believe there are a lot of dependency there), the class-path is getting huge and it is beyond threshold of windows so as a result java won't run. see below:


There are 2 possible solutions:
1-Increase threshold in windows (per my knowledge it is not possible)
2-use less dependency or use less jar file

Please give me some direction or change something if you can.
It is like 2 month and I am stuck here.


Try adding the following to the stardog-examples/build.gradle file:

buildscript {
    repositories {

    dependencies {
        classpath "com.github.viswaramamoorthy:gradle-util-plugins:0.1.0-RELEASE"

apply plugin: 'ManifestClasspath'

Please let me know if that works, so I can add it to the repository

Thanks for help.
I changed it as you said and this time I got this error:

Error: Could not find or load main class com.complexible.stardog.examples.api.ConnectionAPIExample
:examples:api:execute FAILED"

Is there any additional information with this error? If you run with --info or --stacktrace?