Use class or concept from another model? Click and add to current model

Hi. I try to find some how-to practices.

In designer. To create a new model, but I want tap into another large model's classes and object properties. So that I mostly only make new classes only, and data properties in those classes.
I expected something like:
Under Models (down right) to add the larger model, then select a class or four, drag them onto the canvas and start connecting. Or from the add class detailed panel, in parent class specific the model and search for the desired class I want as parent for the new class. This could apply for new class as well.
The same type of actions for Add relationship. Open auxiliary model, or from add relation select auxiliary model and search for object property in need. In Source / target fields possibly be able to select classes from auxiliary model.
These type of action look natural to me. OWL modelling is about reuse, not recreate.
I have not found the way to do such actions. It it possible in Designer as it is now?

Thanks. Einar Clementz.

Hi Einar,

Currently, in Designer, without importing the larger model, you will not have the larger model concepts available to you.

You can reuse existing model concepts by ensuring the IRIs that Designer creates align to the larger model concept IRIs. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Update the project settings so that the data model namespace aligns to the namespace of your larger model. Then, for each class, relationship, and attribute you want to make directly, simply ensure the label you are adding matches the rest of the IRI for each concept.


  1. For each model concept you create that you want to be aligned to the larger model, during or after creation, edit the IRI from the details panel.

  1. Bonus option (outside of Designer). Create a data model with only the concepts you want from the larger model and import this much smaller (potentially disconnected) data model into your Designer canvas.

We definitely agree we want to promote the reuse of data model concepts. I've captured your initial expectations as a suggestion for our product team.

Thank you,

Hi Laura.

Thanks for your swift response. And for suggestions.
I see I can make the same name space with the method you give.
I can see in the IRI field of a class the IRI used, when the IRI is not the project IRI. I have to go in another tab/window to search and find class/property in question and copy / past, cumbersome. As said other place, to change IRI for the project only apply for new created object after the change.
Starting a new project. First load two other smaller models with other name spaces, then add stuff the the new project IRI give a little progress. But navigate/list outside is not there. But the large one I talk about will not show at all, it is just too large, it is FIBO, the full ontologies set. Designer can't handle it.
The need to reuse the auxiliary IRI in the new model looks not right to me. OWL / RDFS encourage to mix and match classes, relations and each keeping their own IRI. Designer is not there now.
In project setting you could add list of name spaces to search. And in the "Model" space add (import/link) the models in questions. Each model can have many name spaces. And give some UI indication. I am happy you understand the input. And that it is forwarded to evaluation for the product. Move model store to the DB, it is central artefacts. Designer has a way to go, it is early in maturity, although it has a good start.

Thanks. Regards. Einar.