Using `pystardog` `new_stored_query` appears database agnostic

Using pystardog I am uploading stored queries. Here is the code I use pystardog code:

        # Pull query data from file
        with open(query_file_path, 'r') as f:
            query_options = json.load(f)

        # Extract the needed information
        query_name = query_options.pop("name")
        query_text = query_options.pop("query")

        # Add build_database to options
        query_options["database"] = build_database
        # Handle 'None' values
        for key, value in query_options.items():
            if value == None:
                query_options[key] = 'None'

        # Push to Stardog cloud
            with stardog.admin.Admin(**conn_details) as admin:
                admin.new_stored_query(name=query_name, query=query_text, options=query_options)
        except Exception as err:
            print(f'Query likely exists. Error: {err}')

An example of the data stored in query_file_path is

{"name": "is-child-event-Query", "description": null, "creator": "hall0ween", "query": query_text_hidden, "shared": true, "reasoning": true}

Let's assume I have blank dev and test databases and the build_database variable is originally set to dev. The code functions as intended and uploads the queries without issues. If I then re-run the code changing build_database to test, I receive the feedback:

Error: [422] QE0QE2: Stored query already exists: is-child-event-Query

Is it possible to load queries of the same name to different databases? Thanks!