Web Proxy on Server Side

I’m in the process of setting up Stardog on a teaching cluster at work. The actual Stardog instance is behind a NAT running on a node within the cluster, for sandbox purposes. I’m trying to proxy connections to https://landingpad/stardog to http://node-03:5820, but I am unable to log in to the web interface. If I run a VNC session on the landing pad/proxy host, I can log in. But from outside, all login attempts return “Not Found”
I also have to do HTTP Basic Auth before getting the login prompt in both cases.

The NGINX proxy block:

location /stardog/ {
rewrite ^/stardog/(.*)$ /$1 break;
proxy_pass http://node-03:5820;
proxy_redirect http://node-03:5820/ $scheme://$host/stardog/;

Hi Bob,

Stardog works well behind a proxy but we have noticed some problems with the web console. We’re currently migrating from the web console to the new Stardog Studio application. Please give this a shot instead.


Is Stardog Studio a web based application, or a standalone client? Does it need to be run on the same host that is running Stardog?

Stardog Studio is a standalone client, and it does NOT have to be running on the same host, just able to communicate with the Stardog server.

We’ve successfully connected to the Stardog server using the Studio client, but we are unsure whether Studio replicates all the web functionality. For example, while we’re able to create new databases, it’s not obvious how to actually load graphs (SPARQL UPDATEs from Studio don’t appear to work).

Is there a detailed guide somewhere that explains everything that Studio does and doesn’t do? And in the case of “doesn’t” what the work-arounds are?


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