Web UI unable to connect to stardog server

I am not able to connect the Stardog Web UI with the server.

The terminal commands shows no error:

Stardog server 7.7.0 started on Sat Oct 30 22:41:16 CEST 2021.
Stardog server is listening on all network interfaces.
HTTP server available at http://localhost:5820.

If I check the service it shows stopped, and if I try to start it, it will stop again (manually using Services on Win10).

I tried to turn off the Firewall and give it a try but nothing changed.

If I make a request to localhost:5820/dummydatabase, will respond correctly.

Maybe the enterprise license doesn't support the Web UI anymore? I don't know what else to try.


Thanks for your question. It looks like Stardog's HTTP server is listening on http://localhost:5820 not https://localhost:5820. Can you try modifying your endpoint in Studio and connecting again?


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