A little confused setting up models for vkgs

I created an SMS file to ingest content from a Starburst/Trino source, and then went to create a model.

When I try to open the Text editor for the new model, the text editor just shows as "loading" forever

Part of the delay seems to be the following query, as shown in the Administrative tab for the database that hosts starburst_coupa_vkg

construct { ?s ?p ?o } { ?s ?p ?o } limit 100000
# Overrides by the API:
# FROM <virtual://starburst_coupa_vkg>

The starburst log shows a fairly gnarly query that eventually times out.

The really odd part is that if I use the non-textual part of the editor, I can add classes, and they end up in the "default" model ... and even get reflected in the BI layer .. but those class definitions do not persist in the model that I'm building ..

Turns out this was a fundamental misunderstanding on my part.

For some weird reason, I have a tendency to try to directly bind models to their corresponding vkgs .. rather than making models as independent "lenses" that can then be applied as a lens to any suitable vkg.

In any case, @tim Sedlak managed to straighten me out quickly ..