BITES rest api options

I was looking at the rest api for bites and was a little confused by the following. Probably just a missing comma.

Accepts a multipart/form-data request with a part specifying a name of "upload" a fileName specifying the desired file name in the doc store.

So it accepts a single parameter named "upload" that specifies the path to the file that will also be used as the name of the file? I'm guessing this is equivalent to the following command.

stardog doc put myDb myDoc.pdf

Is there an option to rename the document like the stardog command

stardog doc put myDb --name myNewName.pdf myDoc.pdf

I was also wondering if there was a way to specify the extractors to use. I'm guessing there is but it looks like the apiary documentation shows "v5". I'm not sure if that is reflecting Stardog version 5 or if the apiary docs are versioned separately.

The filename is taken from the file part of the multipart request. This is how it is implemented in doc put --name.

You can specify the extractors using the rdfExtractors and textExtractors in the form part of the request.

We'll get the docs updated to reflect this.


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