Need a recommendation for a web server on top of Stardog

This post is related to my previous question Need a recommendation on storing html fragements in stardog where I am trying to store html fragments in literals.

The html fragments are really now html pages for a given subject IRI. These html pages are mostly text with some table and there is a nav menu pane.

I don't want to introduce yet another component in my solution. So my pressing question:

  • How can I serve these html pages to the use(r with just using Stardog)?

Or if a formal web server is needed then which one can integrate best with Stardog?


Without knowing more about what exactly you’re looking to do the easiest thing would be to simply add the html documents with the Stardog BITES feature. Added files are are available through the rest interface.

My extraction is completely Python based and BITES is all Java, right? I would rather not have two code bases to maintain ...

Even if these html files are stored using BITES and are available via REST - that will not replace a web server functionality, right?

The ultimate goal is to display these html pages for humans to manually verify that information extraction was successful or not. There is javascript in the html files too - hence the need for web server.

At some point in time I had them stored in mongodb - but stopped doing so to minimize the number of dependencies.

I don’t recall you mentioning a python extraction step so I’m not sure how that might fit in but documents added through bites should be available at


Im not sure if that’s exactly correct but it should be close. I don’t know what mimetype it will use but that would be cool if you could be controlled by adding a triple to the named graph. :mimeType “text/html”

Sorry - I am in the middle of upgrading to v7 and can't yet use bites. So my question:

  • If the stored HTML file uses javascript to provide some kind of sidebar experience like this one would the javascipt files be able to be referenced / served? If so where should they be stored?

My assumption that the above is not possible. But who knows worth asking a question...


The easiest thing would be to embed your js in the html file. You could probably load the js files with bites as well but you’d have to adjust the urls in your html but you might have trouble with the mime type as I mentioned previously.