How to install/use Stardog Bites

Hello, I am new to stardog and didn't find much documentation on Stardog Bites. Should I use Java API to use Stardog Bites or how does it work in general. This would be really appreciated since I want to upload pdf folders, extract the text and be able to query it.

Try taking a look at this section in the docs and this blog post . Depending on your need you can certainly use the Java API, but you can also use the Rest API or the CLI which would probably be the easiest way to get started using it.

Thank you for your quick reply! I wanted to confirm regarding uploading documents to Stardog Bites, is it only through using APIs as you mentioned or is there a way we can submit documents to the Stardog Bites document service through Stardog Studio?

Bites is not currently supported in Studio.

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