Can I upload excel file as a resource into Designer?

My first day trying Designer with brand new essentials subscription.

I would like to upload this file into Designer

  • Is it possible?

Alternatively I can first convert to csv - but I need all the tabs in excel. If that is what you recommend - then I may need to create a folder first before uploading the csvs.


Unfortunately we don't support Excel uploads yet, so you're correct that you would need to export a CSV per sheet.

I think there are some ways to automate this with VB or third-party tools, but it might be faster to just export your nine sheets by hand.

Thanks Alex,

A bit disappointing ... but understandable Designer is still maturing.

  • Can I create a folder for these csv resources?


Hi Radu,

You'll need to upload each table individually in Designer anyway, so how you organize the CSVs is up to you.

Or if you're asking about what Designer exports (assuming you're not planning to publish directly to a stardog instance), the CSVs will be organized in the downloaded .zip archive in their own folders, alongside any associated mappings that you create.