Cannot load a .gz file

Hi, I use 7.4.0 and Stardog Studio. When trying to load a .gz file from Stardog Studio, I encountered an error as follows.

There was a fatal failure during preparation of e0ac524d-ac6e-4305-9226-e3f88a5f1886 Not in GZIP format

Even the server says that it isn't gzip format, the file is compressed by gzip, and I confirmed that the file has been decompressed without any errors with gzip -d.

Could you please let me know how to cope with this issue?
I tried loading with Firefox 81.0 on macOS (10.15.7) and Linux (CentOS release 6.10).

The compressed file size is 669M.

Are you able to load the file from the CLI?

Yes, I've successfully loaded with the CLI as follows:

stardog data add --server-side myDB rdfdata.nt.gz