Cannot load TriG file using Stardog Studio

Using Stardog Studio, I connected to a Stardog instance, created a database, downloaded this file: and tried to upload it using ¨the Load Data button. The operation seemed to be successful, but nothing was loaded.

I managed to load the same file using the CLI stardog data add command.

I use Stardog 6.2.1 (Ubuntu) behind an nginx HTTPS reverse proxy and Studio 1.7.2 (Windows)


Thanks for this report. Was there any relevant reported in your stardog.log file when Studio appeared not to load the data? Is there any possibility that there was an issue with the connection or the proxy at the time?

Locally, we haven't had any problems loading the file you provided, or even larger files, with Studio, so we're currently unable to reproduce the issue. Any additional info you can provide would be very helpful.


Actually, this was indeed a proxy error (body too large).

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