Community license not downloaded

As my license was expired, I tried to download the community license so that I could connect to my localhost but I was not able to download it. Do you not provide community license anymore? If not, how do I connect my python program to the cloud endpoint? I tried to connect it to the stardog-free version but do not know its user and password. It says that my username and password are invalid when I try to input my account username and password for the stardog.

Hi Juan,

Welcome to Stardog Community!

The credentials you use to log in to Stardog Cloud aren't the same as the credentials for your Stardog user. If you go to the Security tab in Studio, you can see the users on your endpoint. After clicking on one of those, you can set its password by clicking on the three dots in the top right and clicking "Change Password". You'll use those credentials in your Python program to connect to your Cloud endpoint.

And to answer your other question, no, we don't offer the Community license anymore. Stardog Cloud Free is our offering for new users who want to try Stardog.

Let me know if you have any other questions.