Connection not working

I have started stardog from the terminal.

I go to Stardog Studio .
I try to connect with password = anonymous.

It does not connect.
If relevant, this is another picture:
I have just started trying to use stardog. I have been unable to get stardog studio connected even once.

How to connect?

Hmmm, if you started in your terminal, the host part of the endpoint URL is your machine, not, I think…. The line ‘HTTP server available…’ tells you the endpoint to use.

Thanks very much, Pierluigi. I still cannot get stardog connected though. This is my terminal:

I try to connect in this way:

I get this message:

If I click on either link I end up at the same point. If relevant, the URL of my stardog studio is . Maybe the issue is http vs https. I tried using https in the endpoint but that did not help. Any further suggestions would be great. Thanks very much

I think the issue is indeed with http vs https. I was using Brave browser. With chrome or safari, which do not enforce https (I think), I can connect. I hope they will make stardog compatible with Brave but I can get past this issue using another browser for now.

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