Create New DB w Stardog Express

I'm using the Express product. I tried to do the Beatles tutorial but it says "to run the code snippets in this tutorial you need the dbs stardog-tutorial-beatles and stardog-tutorial-music would you like us to create them? I select "Create" but then get a red error message in the lower right corner that says I don't have permission to create a db and to check with my admin.

I'm an independent private consultant so just running on my Windows 10 Pro Desktop to which I have full admin rights. I think the problem is my connection which is anonymous@ I think that is a read only connection. Is there a way to get permission to create new dbs on my own desktop? I would prefer that rather than in the cloud because besides wanting to do the tutorial I have a fairly large (apx. 3M triples) knowledge graph I would like to load once I get more familiar with the tool. Or is that too large for the Express product?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your question. As you suspected, Stardog Express provides read only access via the 'anonymous' user. It's mostly meant to experiment querying the provided datasets. Thanks for pointing out this issue. I can see how this can be confusing. We'll provide some clarifications around running through the embedded tutorials in Stardog Express.

If you'd like to create your own databases, add data to them, etc. you'll want to stand up your own Stardog server to which you can connect to via Stardog Studio. You can then run through the embedded tutorials in Studio without hitting the permissions error.

You can follow our quickstart guide to install and setup Stardog. Please let us know if you have any issues/questions getting started.


Thanks, I will follow the quickstart guide and setup Stardog on my machine.


The tutorial databases were included in Stardog Express but they were dropped last week as we made some upgrades to the system. The databases should be restored now and you should be able to run the tutorial queries in Stardog Express. As Noah pointed out Stardog Express provides read-only access which means the SPARQL update examples at the end of the tutorial will not work but all the other queries should work.


Thanks. Although in hind sight I think I need to load the actual server anyway because I want to do a lot more than just the basic tutorial. As I looked at it in more detail the basic tutorial just goes over SPARQL concepts that I know anyway. I currently use Docker to emulate Linux on my Windows desktop to run another triplestore server and that works great. From my cursory look at the startup instructions that looks as if it is an option for Stardog as well so I think I'm going to try that route.

It is good to know about the basic tutorial though. I'm currently part of a team developing a virtual seminar that will explain the basic concepts of knowledge graphs and ontologies to new users. Our initial target group was people in Information Sciences at one of the leading universities in India but since it is virtual I think we may open it up to others. Most of the seminar will use Protege but I really like the Stardog GUI for SPARQL and would like to expose people to other tools so we may use the Express product for the SPARQL part of the seminar.

Thanks for the response, I've just started looking at Stardog and really like it and the support from the community has been great.


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