Stardog Express login problem

Hi, I am new to Stardog. Is there any login area restriction for Stardog Studio - Express? I try to start Stardog Express, but there is no choice for "Express" to choose. I login from Taiwan.


I am also new to Stardog and getting the same when login onto Star Dog express cloud
Any idea how to resolve this?

Your screenshot shows that you're under "New Connection." There should be a saved connection for Stardog Express under the "My Connections" tab

Hello Stephen

I do not see anything in the save connection tab. Is this something I need to add?
Adding screen shot below.

Not sure id I should be adding a password to Admin ID in the new connection TAB to add to saved connection tab

That is indeed odd, and we'll look into why this might be happening.

In the meantime, you can manually connect via New Connection to the server, and a username/password of 'anonymous'

Thank you Stephen
The link is returning 404 error when I use the username/password anonymous (without the quote)


Hi Buck,

You should still be accessing To connect to Stardog Express, provide the following information when creating a new connection:

  • Endpoint:
  • Username: anonymous
  • Password: anonymous

Stardog Express ( is just a remote Stardog server (managed by Stardog) with read-only databases and example queries. You connect to Stardog Express using Stardog Studio which is just a web client that interacts with a running Stardog server.

Hope that helps.


Thank you Noah. That worked!

Just following up to note that, as of now, the Stardog Express connection should appear by default as one of your Saved Connections when you load Of course, if you have already added it yourself, then you will not see any changes.