Data File Upload


Regarding Designer, if I create a model and data mapping through the following address Stardog Designer connected with a stardog localhost DB my question is:
Does my data are uploaded on the cloud or stay local please ?

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Your data do not touch a public cloud. Once the designer application is loaded into your browser it only communicates with the Stardog Server to which you've connected.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your reply however could you please be more precise regarding the exact location of our data are stored ? (local server only or Stardog private cloud or both ?

We propose you to add this critical information into your official documentation site due to solution security awareness.

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Apologies for the vagueness. What I meant was that the designer application is loaded into your browser, and then you connect it to a stardog instance (in your case localhost). When you save, the only communication is between your browser and the stardog instance running on localhost. No data are exchanged with any Stardog-maintained servers in this scenario.

Thanks a lot, it is exactly the precision I expected !!

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